Ramon Matheu Pop Art
Fine Artist & Designer
Studio located at 1818 Margaret Avenue in Annapolis, Maryland
Digital Medium
Ramon's distinctive post-Pop style is a combination of radiant black outlines and vivid colors that put a fun spin on the various subjects he illustrates. Each of Ramon's artistic pieces is created from an original idea and usually start off as a small thumbnail sketch. Prior to creating a digital illustration, Ramon may draw a more detailed sketch on paper while making improvements to the composition. Once he has worked out the final design of his piece, his pencil is replaced with a digital pen tablet and the paper is traded for a 24" monitor. Ramon also uses complex computer graphic application software along with some creative know how to create his original pieces.

Each of Ramon's fine art prints are professionally printed with archival Ultrachrome, pigmented inks on textured fine art paper and are usually sold in Limited Edition (LE) quantities. Each print has a 1" white border and is hand signed and individually numbered by the artist.

Please continue reading below to learn more about Ramon's art and his digital illustration process, or visit the contact page if you have any questions or would just like to say hello!

The above image shows examples of the various steps Ramon uses to create one of his digital art images. Included are the original thumbnail sketch, followed by a vector line art* sample with various detail building layers. Some of Ramon's art files can contain over 40 layers, which are ultimately compressed into one final layer creating the finished piece. Ramon refers to this process as Digital Screen Printing and appreciates the amount of control, flexibility and precision he has while creating his art in a digital medium.

*NOTE: Vector graphics are typically generated using drawing or illustration programs, such as Adobe Illustrator, and are comprised of mathematically defined geometric shapes (lines, objects, and frills). These images are resolution-independent and can be sized up or down without loss of detail or image quality.

More about Digital Art, the new frontier...

We live in a digital world! Which may come as a surprise to some, but Digital Art has been around for about 25 years. During the past few years, digital art has been gaining popularity since more museums and galleries have recognized the quality of digital printing and have been including digital art and reproductions within their own collections. We find it important to clarify that Ramon's digital prints are computer-generated originals and are not reproductions of an artistic work created in another medium. Many traditional artists use large format printers as a means of reproducing their art from a painted original such as acrylic, oil, watercolor or other means. It's a great opportunity for all artists to make their art more widely available and also increasing their collector bases by offering affordable alternatives.

Ramon's digital creations remain in cyber space until they are professionally printed. Due to the low resolution(72dpi) quality of the internet and limited RGB color capability of your monitor, the actual art you receive is much sharper and clearer than capable of showing here on your screen. Your purchased art will feature crisp, bold lines with vibrant, rich colors and striking detail.

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